Wednesday, 6 July 2011

WIP Wednesday!

This is a photo free post as my camera is currently living it up in Baden Baden, courtesy of Jitterbug.

I have finished the yoke on my February Lady Sweater!  I had to rip back the eyelet row twice, but I'm on track now, and eyelets have been placed as evenly as possible!  I have parents evening at Bubbas nursery this evening, but when I get back, the really boring part starts - the lace section!  I'm not sure I'll take this away on holiday with me, I may opt for something smaller and easier to knit while in the car and ferry.  I also want something that will last me the week, because there is nothing worse than planning lot's of knitting, but having it only last 2 days holiday!

For better WIP Wednesday posts, you should have  a browse of the other blogs over at Tamis Amis page.

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