Friday, 8 July 2011

FO Friday

I've no knitted or crocheted FOs today, but I do have sewing, and I have pictures!  Way to trump this weeks WIP Wednesday post!

Three drawstring project bags.  I am not a fan of ironing, so these are quite wonky and uneven, but they are for personal use so I don't care too much.  They are 3 different sizes, clouds being the smallest one.  The largest was made for a particular project for which I don't have a bag big enough for what it will eventually become.

In other news, Jitterbug was in Germany this week (well, technically Switzerland, France and Germany, but only in Basel airport, and kept crossing the French border while driving to Baden Baden) and came back with souvenirs!

To add to my slowly growing snow globe collection is this beauty

And something new is adorning my not very tacky souvenir, a Hindu calendar.

Can you say "more cow bell"?

There won't be an FO Friday post for the next couple of weeks, but I should have something to show off when I return!  To see more of todays FOs, head on over to Tamis blog!

ps I adore Will Ferrell.  I'd totally do him.
pps LOVING the new blogger look - head to if you don't already have it!  Googles re-branding is looking very very nice!

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