Saturday, 16 July 2011

Knit Nation

This'll have to be a quick one as we are in the midst of packing and preparing for a 4.30am start tomorrow.  You will have to forgive badly lit photos, I may attempt to get better ones when we get back.

Rush for Wollmeise!

Danielle looking too happy at 7am

Starring in the photos is Lee and Danielle.  We attended the Saturday morning Spinning for Knitting class.  It was quite good, and I did learn a lot.  Mainly that I really want a spinning wheel!

I attended the bohus stickning class on Friday morning, hence the bohus photos.  You'll have to wait a while longer to see the wristlets we were given, but I am addicted!

The marketplace was big, but contained mainly indie dyers and 'art yarns', which is great and nice, but not totally what I wanted!  I still have a few things to get for my Year list, which I'll order in a couple of weeks.

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