Saturday, 14 May 2011

No children were harmed in the making of this post!

These 4 objects were fun to do :) The not so fun was Lily

When I first saw Lily, I fell in love and bought the pattern immediately. It was the first ever issue of Twist Collective, and I was very excited - I bought a few other patterns from that issue at the same time. I bought the yarn recommended in the pattern from a small company in the US, and awaited it's arrival. As soon as it arrived I cast on for a size that should have been generous. The huge mistake (Mistake #1) I made was assuming since my gauge has always been fine for every single thing I knit prior to this, so didn't do a gauge swatch *slaps self* This was a fatal error, one that will be repeated because gauge swatches just aren't fun. Shortly after starting, I put this on the backburner to do some Christmas presents. This is when the dreaded Mojo-loss occurred, so it never got picked back up. I then got pregnant, became a whale, and took some time to lose the weight.

Lose the weight I did though, and in March/April I restarted this, picking up where I left off. Mistake #2. In the years that passed, my knitting style changed. It wasn't too clear in the body itself, which I completed to the arm-pits, but the sleeves laddered horribly where I was doing magic loop, something which never happened before even when I was using the wrong needle size then also! It was at this point I realised Mistake #3; not checking gauge on the knitting object.

Strangely enough I didn't feel anything when the realisation hit that this jumper would be more suited to a 10 year old girl than me. I remember cursing when I was doing the sleeves that the sleeves in my size were far shorter than I wanted, and far shorter than the photos in the pattern, which I then deduced through some clever pattern reading (Yay me!) was knitted in tiny-size (XXS). I've yet to rip that one, but the yarn is being reused, as I said previously. I'll just rip it out as I need more yarn - both time saving and very clever of me!

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