Friday, 13 May 2011

FO Friday

In an effort to maintain some structure round here, I'll be doing FO Friday and WIP Wednesday.  If I remember.

I have no yarny FOs for today, probably not for the next couple of weeks either, but I do have some sewing I've been doing.  My machine has been sat in the corner for months now, untouched but still loved in my own special way.  The reason I have for not sewing were good, but no longer apply (at least the day-time one doesn't), so I've been sewing a bit this week.  Not loads, but some.

While Bubba was at nursery, I sat down to sew up a project bag for my knitting.  I was running low on the clear food bags I usually use, and decided to see how this worked out.  I modified the original slightly by only using one ribbon to tie, purely because I don't have enough ribbon!  Very happy with the two I have done so far, and will be making one or two more of them over the weekend/next week.  The pattern, from purl bee, is very straightforward, and such an easy way to ease me back into sewing straight lines :D

Project bags
The fabric I used is from Ikea childrens textiles section.

This afternoon I decided to  finally use some old pyjama bottoms I had lying around (lying around specifically for this!) that had burst at the crotch.  I love seeing little kids in flannel pyjamas, and love the pattern on this fabric, so I made The Gremlin a pair of pyjama bottoms in age 2-3, using this tutorial from Prudent Baby.

I'm not completely happy with the end result.  I completely forgot to allow for a higher rise due to the bulk her night nappies add, but did allow for it in the hip area.  They look huge on her, but fit wonderfully at her hip, but sadly I doubt they'll fit when there's a night nappy on her.  It was a good learning experience.  I used this tutorial to make them, and can see me making many more day-time trousers following the same instructions.

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  1. I love those project bags they're fab! And in my favourite colours too!

  2. One can not have too project bags. Very nice patterns.

  3. I love those pajama bottoms, and I think I may have to try the purl bee bag tutorial! I need to work on my sewing skills.

  4. I've just gotten into quilting and it is helping me better understand my sewing machine, so I'm hopeful that I'll be sewing more things now. I need some project bags too, so thanks for the link to the purl bee pattern. You did a great job on yours.

  5. Welcome to FO Friday! The project bags look awesome! I'm not great at sewing, so I actually bought my first project bag. I figured I had graduated from the zip lock plastic ones. I love it! I'm sure you're will get a ton of use.

    The pjs look so cute! What a fun fabric.


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