Wednesday, 14 May 2008

100 Things

While I get my arse in gear and actually get round to posting something knitting related, thought I'd give you all some insight into me (and yes I do realise that the half day it took me to do this I could have easily posted something knitty related):

1. I'm 24.
2. I have a middle name. It's Anne.
3. I break cars remarkably well!.
4. I'm Capricorn.
5. I'm very selective about the food I eat .
6. In other words, I'm fussy.
7. My son(bubba... not really his name!) is the light of my life.
8. His dad (J) is the pain in my life.
9. We're getting married next summer.
10. I love teal.
11. I have 2 cats name Laurel and Hardy.
12. I adore reading maps.
13. I was teachers pet in school.
14. I don't drink alcohol. Ever.
15. I believe in love at first sight.
16. I 'met' my fiance through a music messageboard some 7 years ago!
17. We've been together on and off for 2 years.
18. I'm really struggling to think of much else interesting!
19. I'm forgetful.
20. I enjoy reading.
21. I enjoy spending money on useless crap.
22. I have a degree in Computing, but I hate computers.
23. My black socks have to be paired up correctly.
24. The only type of shoes I've bought in 8 years have been Doc Martens.
25. I didn't find out I was pregnant till 26 weeks (for real...!)
26. If Bubba was a girl, he'd have been called Isabel.
27. I have a freckle in the palm of my hand.
28. I'm agnostic.
29. I suffer from insomnia.
30. My favourite film ever is Stigmata for some unknown reason.
31. I hate telephones.
32. I'm a wannabe hippy.
33. Half my hair is curly, the other half straight (underneath part).
34. I've never dyed my hair.
35. I started going gray when I was 14.
36. I like taking pictures.
37. I wish I could play an instrument.
38. I'm trying to learn Dutch.
39. I will never call this house my home.
40. I like plants.
41. I sunburn horribly.
42. I hate beaches.
43. I make a fantastic chocolate tart!
44. I am a Scottish nationalist.
45. Noone understands my not-very-strong-Scottish accent where I live.
46. I would love a large family.
47. I burp better than some men I know.
48. The only sandwich I like is cheese.
49. I hate frozen chips (fries to the non-UK folks!)
50. I'm not a huge fan of ice-cream.
51. I suffer from depression.
52. I used to self-harm.
53. I like driving, but not at night.
54. The smell of manure makes me think of my great-gran who lived next to a cattle market.
55. I have done a skydive.
56. And a bungy jump.
57. I love snuggling up to the duvet.
58. I like hugs from J.
59. I wish we had a big garden with grass.
60. I hope to move house in the next year or so.
61. My favourite flowers are lilies.
62. I recycle, use cloth nappys and breatfeed.
63. I love to cook.
64. My son showed me who my friends were (...were).
65. I can be quite sarcastic.
66. My favourite book is Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.
67. My favourite song is Don't Do It by The Band.
68. I hate little girl actresses (between the ages of say 7-16).
69. My dream house would have a wrap-around porch.
70. I never discuss religion or politics in public.
71. I like sleep.
72. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, all younger than me.
73. I love interest in knitting projects very quickly.
74. I hate going out to clubs.
75. I have blue eyes.
76. I have UK size 6 feet (8 US I think?)
77. I wish Braveheart was a true story.
78. I don't own any make-up.
79. I hate flying.
80. I have never broken any bones.
81. Nor have I ever been stung by a bee.
82. Weekends newspapers are great!
83. Art was my best subject in school.
84. The worst was German.
85. I was a loser in school.
86. I don't speak to anyone from my childhood.
87. I'm afraid of spiders and heights.
88. Being alone frightens the shit out of me.
89. I cry at the slightest thing.
90. J is 10 years older than me.
91. I love piercings... I have a few.
92. I don't like jello.
93. I love being a housewife.
94. I keep a journal.
95. The oceans fascinate me.
96. I've had my heart broken many many many times, worst time by J.
97. I don't trust people easily.
98. I'm quite shy in person.
99. I have an IQ of 136.
100. Shame it doesn't show!

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