Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WIP Wednesday

Some readers may remember my mentioning a Bohus hat kit a few months ago.  

I received this kit for my birthday last year, and practised Fair Isle furiously until I felt comfortable with floats and two colours.  I finally started this a week or so ago.
Bohus is not for the faint hearted - 4 colours in one row in this hat, and that is not the most ever found in Bohus patterns!
 But look at it.  Isn't it just spectacular?
Words fail me when trying to describe it, so I won't.

I also have another less colourful WIP which has been left sitting unloved since I started the hat.
Different Lines

I may also have been yarn shopping recently....
 Malabrigo Worsted in Pearl Ten, 3 skeins
Drops Lace in Red, 2 skeins.


Visit Tamis Amis for more WIP Wednesdays!


  1. Hi, found your blog via Tamis Amis and just wanted to say hello! I love your use of bright colours and the colours you put together. I'd not heard of Bohus knitting before, what an interesting technique

  2. That hat is amazing but I don't think I'll be trying more than two colours at once any time soon. I would get myself all knotted up.

    The new yarn is lovely, you aren't the only accidental stash enhancer. I went on a bit of a splurge this month too. Ah well, can't send it back now ;-)

  3. That hat is divine! I love to look at Bohus projects!

  4. That bohus hat looks amazing! These colours are so vibrant when knitted next to each other - I would have never guessed that they go so well togehter.

  5. Your hat really is spectacular!


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