Thursday, 1 March 2012

Unravel 2012

Last year, prior to my knitting comeback, I attended Unravel.  I seem to recall wanting to knit more, which is why I went - to see if I could reignite my passion.  It worked, clearly, so when I went this year, it was so much more  exciting than last year.  I actually had an idea in my head of what I could do with certain yarns.

I know, I know - I am on a stash diet.  However, I was very well behaved, and stayed within my budget.  I went with a list, and did not veer from it.

I don't have a picture of everything together, because my mind just does not roll that way (and I didn't even think of it until it was all put away!), so you'll have to cope with huge photos!

 Unknown composition, unknown weight, but very very pretty!
 Jacob fleece (it claimed it was slivers, but is not), 100g
 Mustard merino slivers, 200g
 Fyberspates Scrumptious teal
 Natural Dye Studio Godiva light grey
 Natural Dye Studio Godiva dark grey

Missing - 3 little sheep cards, 2 needles both 40cm long in 2mm and 2.25mm.

The fibre I will obviously spin with at some point, but the yarn was bought with come special projects in mind.  They won't be made until later in the year but they will be gorgeous!  The needles I needed for my Bohus hat which I will be starting this weekend possibly!!!

I loved Unravel, and will probably attend every single year and go with some healthy pocket money - had we not had 4 tyres to replace on the car the week prior I probably would have spent more, but next year I won't be on a diet and we'll hopefully not have to buy 4 tyres the week before ;)

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