Saturday, 11 February 2012

Pretty Crafty Home: Oven Cleaning!

I cleaned my oven last week.  It was task that I had been putting off, for only one reason.  My husband.  Jitterbug said last summer he would clean the oven, and I very patiently waited for him until i could wait no more.

I took the glass off the front and scrubbed off 3 years caked on grease.  I use a pumice stone, and even though that leaves very faint scratches, it's quick and easy.  I also soak the grease in bicarbonate soda paste to soften it - this works great for the floor of an oven, but did very little for caked on grease.

The inside could have used more work, but I really am leaving that job for Jitterbug!


  1. Good for you! Our oven needs a cleaning too. :P It is self-cleaning but I'll probably do it by hand. Oven-Off makes it much easier. :)

  2. This is the job I forgot! Well done you on getting it done though.

    S x


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