Friday, 3 February 2012

FO Friday

Slouch Hat
Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky

I've been on a bit of a hat kick lately, instant gratification is what I've been after!  I absolutely adore this hat. The yarn is perfect for cables and really makes them pop.  I've been wearing it all week and it  is very good for keeping the chill out.
 I added an extra cable repeat to make it a bit more slouchy.  I wish I had dropped down a needle size for the ribbing as it has the unfortunate habit of slipping down my forehead a bit far.  Ribbing needs work - I'm not sure why, but the last knit stitch before the purl is very gappy and loose.  I can fix it by really tugging on the yarn while purling, but that makes everything impossibly tight.  I need to really search Ravelry for a solution, Google hasn't really got much about Eastern European method of ribbing.
I am also not totally happy about the crown decreases, they are very obvious.  If I hadn't wanted to get it finished and get it worn, I'd have ripped back and tried some other method of decrease.  However, I do love it, and it will get lots of wear.  I've been pairing it up with my Bellas Mittens knit with the same yarn and they make a really nice matching pair.
I am also very pleased to report I fixed my issues with my Altounyan cowl.  You may remember I had complained that the ridges had become very flat after washing, so I rewashed it and scrunched it all up before drying and it looks pretty good now.

I'm joining in with FO Friday and Creative Friday this week, so have a look if you have the time


  1. Great hat! And what a gorgeous rich colour :-)

  2. Great projects ... both of them. I'm not sure which one I like most!!!!

  3. How great is it when 'blocking' involves scrunching and letting something dry!! :)
    Both are adorable!

  4. love how you are decked in knitted items! great hat and cowl.

  5. They look fabulous :)

    With the ribbing, I found the best way to tighten up the sloppy stitch is this...

    When you purl, wrap the yarn clockwise around the needle instead of anti/counter clockwise. Does that make sense? If you're doing the ribbing flat then you need to knit the stitches through the back loop to avoid twisting them, in the round it's obviously not a problem.

    1. Sadly, the way I knit I already wrap the yarn clockwise. I do occasionally twist the knit stitches for ribbing (in eastern european knitting, twisting the knit stitches is knitting through the front loop, which is how I knit), but for things like cables that doesn't look great.

  6. I'm a huge fan of Cashmerino, and it looks fabulous for your cables. It definitely looks warm and snuggly and is making me want to make more hats!

  7. Ooooh I love cable, the next thing I want to attempt as a novice knitter, I love your cap! I too am a big believer in the instant gratification department!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. I love your cowl ~ it's beautiful, thanks for sharing...

  9. That hat is gorgeous!Love the color.

  10. Oh, that hat! It's such a beautiful colour, it really suits you. And I love love love your cowl, that delicious woolly scrunchiness is too delicious. Don't you just love Lily Kate's patterns?!

  11. The hat is beautiful! Such an amazing color and the cables are lovely.


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