Friday, 6 January 2012

FO Friday

It's been a while since I joined in on FO Friday, but this post should make up for it!

I think I mentioned in December that I was knitting a cardigan for my sisters friends little boy?  Well, I finished it, and I can honestly say never again.  I really liked the pattern, but it felt like it took years to finish and drained me of all love fr knitting while I was doing it.  However, I am pleased with the results.

Garter Stitch Baby Kimono in Araucania Ranco Solid

I embroidered the front to break up the expanse of blue, giving me a chance to brush up on my very very rusty embroidery skills.

My next finished objects came on a knitting spree while I was at my parents.  I had taken some yarn with me so my sister and I could do some knitting and crocheting.  However, the knitting didn't work out because my needles were the wrong length for what she wanted, and she gave up crocheting after 2 hours.  That meant I had lot's of yarn and lot's of time to waste!

Gehry in Drops Alaska

Crochet Turban in New Lanark Aran

Excuse the bad mobile photo
Kami Hat in Lionbrand Vannas Choice

Most accurate colour

Bubble Hat in Lionbrand Vannas Choice

Excuse the photo
Hurricane in Lionbrand Woolease

Altounyan in Cascade 220

My favourites are Gehry and Altounyan, though I do adore Bubble Hat!  Kami Hat and Hurricane were gifted to 2 of my siblings, while the Crochet Turban may be going to live with my other sister.  I regret blocking Altounyan as it did something weird to the foldy bits, flattened them, so I may try rewashing and fixing it.

I have another hat I started for my brother to finish, then a hat for Jitterbug and my dad (I make silly promises sometimes!) then I'm making a start on this beauty.

I fell in love with the Wild Apple Sweater a long long time ago when I saw it on the Rainey Sisters blog (and Bohus in particular from Yarn Harlot a few months prior), despite the fact I don't much like green.  For the last year since my knitting mojo was returned to me it has been a source of obsession, and I would look at photos every so often and dream.  Then I found out you could buy the hat kits, and my birthday present was decided!  I was always quite wary of buying the sweater kit, as it is ALOT of money to spend on something I might not even finish, but this way I get to do the coloured part and see if I love it enough to do the sweater!  

I need to swatch.  God knows I am not knitting a hat that cost £60 only to find it doesn't fit!  I may also need to buy new needles, as the smallest I have are 2.25mm, but my knitting tightens up when doing colourwork so I might be OK.

This weekend should be an enlightening one for me - I am getting every single skein and ball of yarn I own and laying it out.  I really want photographic evidence of how my stash reduces this year, and I also don't think I really fully appreciate just how much I actually own, so I'm going to write a few posts in the coming months about my favourites yarns, their history and why the hell I haven't used them yet!

As always, I'm joining in with FO Friday at Tamis blog, so I'm off to read some blogs!

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