Friday, 2 December 2011

FO Friday

Quite a big Friday post today, so let's just crack on!

I showed the Whimsical Elf Couture Cowl a couple of weeks ago, but failed to take any action photos, so here they are for you now.
I put buttons on both sides, but so far I've been wearing it as shown in the first photo.  Knit using Noro Kureyon, alternating colours/skeins, it is very warm, and I have had many compliments about it from friends!  The buttons were all very kindly donated by Lee - I really need to improve my coloured button collection!

I finished these Baby Lamb Cuffs last week and they are so so nice!  As you can see in the top photo, the tension is off in the first cuff (the one on the left), but it is barely noticable when they are on and I think (hope) my sister will love them.  I can't wait to get mine done, I will probably take the kit with us when we go away.

I can't remember if I mentioned, but my little brother asked for a neck warmer thing, which I assumed to be a cowl.  This amazingly quick and cosy Bandana Cowl was a hit when I gave it to him last weekend, and I think I'm going to do a few in different colours as it is very comfy and very versatile, and also fits Jitterbug!

Again, an FO from a few weeks ago, but some action photos, kindly provided by my sister, modelled by Gordy, a 1 year old Border Terrier!
Puppies on Parade was knit using a variety of different acrylic yarns I had, and they both absolutely love how it  turned out.  Despite my fears about it being too big, the only areas that are too big is the neck and the leg cuffs.

Next up is some spinning I did months ago!
Worsted weight
DK weight
I don't remember the fibre composition, but they are 50% freecycle-wool I washed and carded myself, plus 50% other stuff, merino and silk, and merino and alpaca I think.  The bottom is very loosely plied, but as my second ever skein I think it's not bad.  The top is very slubby as I was trying to get to grips with the spinning wheel.  I don;t remember yardage, but it's not much, I think the DK weight is 80 yards, worsted weight far less.

I don't have a photo of my next FO, so you'll need to take my word that it is real!  After me complaining on Wednesday about my crochet-mojo having gone walkabouts, I felt the sudden urge to crochet snowflakes.  I probably won't be interested long enough to make any worthwhile number, but the one I did tonight was quite fun.  I just need to find the ideal way of stiffening them - many people are using PVA glue watered down, but I planned on using starch.  I've never used starch before so I don't know if it would provide the stiffness required, but I'll try it out and see.

That is it for today - I shall be spending the afternoon putting up some Christmas decorations in preparation for the tree going up tomorrow night.  This will be the first year Bubba has properly understood what's happening, and so we will be keeping him up on Saturday night to help decorate the tree.  Then on Sunday, they will wake to find Santa has made an early visit to our house (next year it will be Sinterklaas, which is all Jitterbug celebrated when younger.  We just need to teach Bubba and Gremlin about him and how he differs from Santa).  

We give them their Christmas presents early as we usually go to my parents house for Christmas - most of the presents they get there, stay there, and this way they get to play with their toys here for a while before being completely overwhelmed all over again.  I am expecting a long day on Sunday, as Bubba has developed a shyness when opening presents and leaves the room to rip open the wrapping paper.

As usual, if you have some spare time please head over to Tamis blog for some more FO Fridays

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