Wednesday, 28 September 2011

WIP Wednesday

Well, as it turns out I only have one active WIP this week, I seem to have finished the other 2 I was going to post about!

I've been working on Jitterbugs jumper this week while he's away, it's slowly getting on and I am at the decreases on the shoulder now!
Doesn't look much, but it is growing.  The yarn is quite splitty, which it obviously has been since the start, but it's starting to annoy me now.  I'm aiming to get this done and blocked by the end of November, as I fly up to Scotland for 2 nights on my own and it would be an ideal time to stash his present away at my parents house, where we spend our Christmases.  I think it is a totally feasible finish date, the hardest thing will be blocking as I think it'll take a while to dry, but my lovely friend Lee has offered the use of her flat for blocking and her husband to be model to check it will fit!

I have loved my little break from big projects (I didn't touch this jumper for 2 weeks, and haven't touched February Lady Sweater in longer!) and I am very much looking forward to getting FLS finished now!  I only have a few more inches to do and then it's done!

I finally got to use my head-wrap last week.  I will admit, I wasn't sure I could pull it off, but I found a hair clip and I totally rocked that head wrap!  Here are some photos, some taken at night, some from the next day.  I am now a total convert and will be making more of these in various colours!

This week has seen the promised Indian Summer show it's face, so here are some photos of Bubba and Gremlin enjoying the sun - don't be fooled into thinking it's a bit chilly when you notice Bubbas attire, he is very particular about clothes and the only short sleeve t-shirts he will wear are his pre-school ones.

In the first 2 photos you can see our crab-apple tree just dropping with apples.  Last year we made the mistake of leaving them on the tree, which resulted in us having to reseed our lawn this spring after the rotting sludge the apples left killed our grass.  Over the next couple of weeks we'll be picking most of the lower ones off and doing something with them.  We will leave the rest for the birds as they seem to love this tree in winter!  I have no idea what we will do with them, as there are kilos on this tree.  We made crab apple and chilli jelly last year which is still in the fridge, so think we'll be making some for presents this year, but other than that I am clueless.  Might just have to post them on freecycle!

Anyway, ramble over.  For more WIP posts visit Tamis blog.

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