Thursday, 21 July 2011

Hairbrush of Doom

I had my hair cut a couple of weeks ago.  I know, I've still not posted photos.  I was going to, but he dried it weird and I wasn't happy with the way it sat, so it'll have to wait until I blow dry it myself (which should hopefully be some time in the next few months!).

Anyway, I remembered why I hated having the hair dresser dry my hair to make it more volumous (is that a word?)

The large hairbrush here will forever be called The Hairbrush of Doom (or baldness).

It felt like I was being scalped, and is not a process I want to repeat in a hurry.  He didn't really seem to notice the pain I was in, or if he did he didn't care.  His hair was so short he probably doesn't even need a comb!  Why on earth anyone would use one of these brushes on themselves is beyond me!

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