Friday, 1 July 2011

FO Friday

I finished my shawlette!

Project: Little Shell
Materials: Shilasdair Luxury DK, 5mm needles.

I was right, it didn't block out much bigger. In order for it to stay on I need to tie it at the back of my neck, neckerchief style. It is gorgeous, despite the many mistakes. The photos just can't capture the intensity of the red! The patter is so simple, and is a very quick knit. I probably won't make it again though, lest this happen again.

That was almost it for today, but yesterday afternoon I decided to whip up a wrap skirt I had been putting off - I could never decide how I wanted the waistband and ties to attach, but I was getting fed up with it being on my mind. I didn't really follow a pattern, just cut a huge rectangle, hemmed it, using some of the off-cut I created the ties, attached them in the waistband, and created a button hole to thread one of the ties through.

I may do some tweaking to it, but for that I need to decide for certain if it ties at the back, and the flap on one side, or if it ties at the side and flap at my back.

Tied at back
As it is, it's a bit baggy at the back where it ties (since it's just a rectangle being curved round), so if I can decide I may put some darts in.

Tied at side, flap at back covering bum!
I love it, I love this style of skirt, and decided that since this is batik, that just a simple shape would best show it off. The fabric was a pain, I could not iron hems down at all, so I suspect it is not 100% cotton after all.

I have another wrap skirt I bought in bali so used that as a guide for the ties. I'll be making more of these I think!

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