Wednesday, 22 June 2011

WIP Wednesday!

Every time I aim to have interesting WIPs, I am thwarted!

I started Little Shell last week, and I am almost finished, another couple of evenings work on it, but  won't be done for FO Friday unfortunately.  The patterns is lovely, really simple and had I actually bothered to think about my needle size it would have been stunning.  But I didn't, and as a result it's just nice.  The 'lace' section is barely noticable but I'm hoping to make it more so when blocking.  Thankfully I adore red so this will be worn anyway, and I may even have yarn left over for hopefully some wrist warmers.  Hopefully!  Only bad point I can really say about this is it is much smaller than I thought it was going to be, again something that might be fixed in blocking.  Worst case - I need to tie it at the back of my neck (I wear triangular shawls with the triangle at the front).  And yes, I have messed it up, a  few times now, but not enough to make me rip back!

The second WIP technically isn't a WIP, but I looked out fabric and know what I'm doing, so it might be a WIP.  I'll include it anyway just for some padding ;-) 

I bought this batik in Bali, along with another patterned fabric.  It's a really nice cotton, and washes well.  I might practice on the other pattern first, as I am not as fond of that one as I am of the black and white. 

I don't do ironing
What I need to figure out is how to do the ties?  I'm going to try and get it done this week some time.  I also need to piece together the old cloth kits skirt I bought and figure out if it will fit.  My measurements match up almost with the measurement it's cut for, so I'll pin it together and try to try it on without impaling myself on a pin.  Again, I'm aiming to do that this week.

When I first saw this skirt in the charity shop, I first noticed the size was 16 (then came home and my mum reminded me I could always just cut it to size), then the pattern.  I didn't love the pattern then, but the more I thought about it, the more it grew on me, and now I adore it's retro coloured stripes.  It's a weird  feeling material, can't remember the fibre content but it's not 100% cotton.  

That's it for me.  My mood right now is not totally conducive to sewing for some reason, I need something I don't need to think about, so I'm praying it lifts soon as I have lots of plans for my sewing machine!

To see some more WIPs, have a look at Tamis blog.

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