Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"One day"

"One day" is a very common phrase said in our house.  It is usually followed by "in the future" because everything we plan is for one day, in the future, where we are not weighed down by debt other than our mortgage (approx 4 years from now).  We can go on holidays that don't involve staying with family.  We can get a slightly bigger car, 4x4 this time!  We can get a new boiler that is not likely to break one day and leak carbon monoxide, killing us in our sleep (and yes, we have a carbon monoxide alarm).  We can get a new kitchen, more suited to our taste.  We can convert the conservatory into a proper room instead of the glorified green house it is today.  We can double glaze the extension.  We can put down new wooden floors, and carpet upstairs.  We can decorate the bathroom, get a new shower that gives us hot water.  We even talk about installing a water softener! 

Once a month though, it changes.  Once a month, we really dream big.

It usually goes something like this
Maybe, one day after our loans are paid off, we can move to Scotland. 
It's such a simple sentence, but it's one that gives me hope and makes me and Jitterbug happy to think about.  It's not that he doesn't like it here; this is the only home he's known since he left Holland 15 years ago.  Even before we had children, he talked about moving to Scotland.  He loves Scotland, he loves the Scottish people (even if he struggles with the stronger accents), and he loves my family.  The only thing stopping him before, and holding us back now, is the fact he is a lawyer.  For those who don't know, Scots Law and English Law are different.  Very very different.  Different enough that he would not be allowed to practice law in Scotland, even if he was a solicitor here, without doing a conversion course. 

On Sunday, he came up with a new "one day".
One day, maybe in a couple of years, I can do the conversion course, then we'll be ready to move when the loans are paid off.
Life is full of dreams, and there are no bigger dreamers than Jitterbug and I.  I don't know if it'll happen, if any of it will happen, but it's nice to think it might.

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