Friday, 20 May 2011

FO Friday

I have just one FO today...

This may shock some people who know me, but I LOVE my floral patterns.  LOVE.

I'm not saying I wear them or would wear them, but as far as having something nice to look at, floral prints are way up there.

I love realistic patterns and geometric patterns.  The brighter the better.  Which is why when I saw this fabric in Ikea last year (Gremlin was a dot, and we went for her cot!) I Had. To. Have. It.  I only bought a metre, along with 3 other 'nature inspired' fabrics, and saw a skirt in it.  The skirt has not happened, but I decided it was time to bite the bullet and just use it!

I have more than enough left to make a skirt one day, possibly.  But this post is not about a skirt of the future!  It is about a box bag of now!

Just look at that print!  And the colours... *swoon*  It's thicker than all the other fabric I have which is why I chose it for this.  It's still 100% cotton, medium weight I'd say, and really nice to work with.

The lining!  How I love the lining!  I think I'm going to have to make a twin just so I can sit and look at it all day without disturbing knitting!

It is big enough to hold a pattern, note book, 2 balls of yarn and project (though it is only the cuff of a sleeve at the moment).  Next one may well be bigger, but that'll have to wait until I get zips - the shop I got the zip for this from is more than double the price I can get them online! 

I'm quite pleased with it.  I'm not jumping up and down happy because there are a lot of mistakes, way too many to list.  I learned a lot doing this, and I am now convinced I need a good cutting mat, rotary cutter and a proper ruler - my edges were horrible, angles off, just terrible and it made sewing it up nicely much harder.  I expected it to look much worse than it does because of all these mistakes, so I am happy in that I have an actual usable bag!

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