Monday, 16 May 2011

B is for.... Babies!

We are ignoring the fact I didn't do A.

B is for.... Babies.  Babies are wonderful creatures.  They eat, they sleep, they might throw a smile your way if you're lucky.  At least, that's what I hear.  My last baby didn't and doesn't sleep much and just moans a lot.  She even has a look that's known as the Death Stare.  From the very first day she smiled, she was named The Gremlin.  She looks pretty evil when she smiles - her cuteness lulls you in then she goes in for the kill.

Anyway, as I was saying, babies are wonderful creatures if they were not birthed by me.  I hate knitting for them though.  Sure, they look all cute in knitted outfits for about 5 minutes, then they regurgitate something, and suddenly your (well, my) weeks of knitting is covered in white gunk.  I am not averse to knitting with acrylic, and for babies it is the sensible option.

I am averse to washing and not being able to stick a baby cardigan in the dryer.  I don't have unlimited room to leave things lying out for days at a time (in our climate) to dry.

Mittens - another thing I hate knitting for children.  They either lose them, eat them, or they get soaked through.  For my feelings on this, I will refer you to the previous paragraph.

Yeah, I can hear the choruses of  'bah humbug' now...

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  1. Babies - hmmm. Small squirmy things? Not too familiar with them. Agree with you though, lovely as it is, laundering precious fibres isn't really the thing for weary young mums. Acrylic every time.

  2. I only use acrylic for baby items. I've been knitting a few baby things lately as my friend has just had a baby and my sister is expecting. I've just knitted some baby mitts but after reading your comments on the matter, maybe I should knit a spare pair?

  3. This made me laugh, as I developed the death stare when I was about 3 months old - my mum always likes recalling how people would stop to say "cute baby", get the look and back away from the pushchair ;)

  4. In my baby photos I look like a Mekon - a look only a mother could love....

    Embarrassed to say I didn't knit a single thing for mine (bad Mom) and I still feel a twinge of guilt when I'm designing baby things...

    Luckily I was bailed out by lots of friends who knitted for me instead!

  5. I've only knitted once for a baby, my goddaughter. unfortunately the hat I made didn't fit her, though her dad did look very fetching in a yellow bear hat... But I agree 100% acrylic all the way

  6. yes, babies are terrible on knits, but at least you can dress them anyway you want! my 6 and 9 year old have their own sense of style now!


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